Many Health Benefits of Myrica esculenta fruit “Kafal”

Health benefits of Myrica esculenta fruit “kafal”

This fruit, which looks like a small lobed spherical berry, named “myrica esculenta” “Kafal” grows in bunches on the mountains and after ripening it appears very red, only then it is picked up to eat. This fruit tree is rich in many natural medicinal properties. And due to these qualities, it is a very famous and favorite fruit in the mountains. Many types of other natural medicinal plants are found in the state of Uttarakhand, whose medicinal plants are used in the work of Ayurveda medicine. Which are very beneficial for our health. There are many people who have information about this fruit, who live in cities, who do not have information about this mountain fruit “Kafal”. The fruit of kafal grows from minimum 3000 feet above the ground to maximum 6000 feet height. Apart from Uttarakhand, this fruit is also found in some parts of Himachal and Nepal. The taste of this fruit is sweet, sour and the taste of its seeds is astringent. It is an evergreen tree. According to the information, the scientific name of kafal is called “myrica esculenta” and it is also called box myrtle and bayberry. This is the special thing about the plant of Kafal fruit that it cannot be grown anywhere else. It is a self growing plant. In March (Phagun), the fruit starts to bear fruit and after the beginning of the month of April (Chaitra), these green fruits turn red. In ayurveda, kafal is considered to be a surefire medicine for hunger, that is, this fruit also increases appetite.

Myrica esculenta leaves health benefits

“Myrica esculenta fruit one, many benefits”

The fruit found in the forest of the mountains is rich in properties and due to its anti-oxidant properties, it is very beneficial for the human body and the fruit is highly juicy and digestible.

Many types of elements are found in kafal fruit.


1. Myricetin

2. Maricitrin

3. Glycosides

And the leaves of this fruit are long and combined and flavone-4, hydroxy-3 is found in the leaves. Stomach diseases are cured by eating this fruit. such as constipation or acidity. There is a wax-like layer on the fruit which looks like brown and black spots. This layer, which is found in this kafal fruit, is known as mortyl wax, it can be easily separated from the fruit by boiling it in hot water for a few minutes. This wax is effective in ulcer disease. It is also used in making candles, soap and polish.

“Myrica esculenta tree bark health benefits”

The bark of the Kafal fruit tree is soft, the essence coming out of it also has many benefits. Taking the essence of the bark of this fruit tree mixed with cinnamon and ginger gives relief from some diseases.

such as:

1. Peaches (Loose motion)

2. Fever

3. Lung disease

4. Asthma

5. Diarrhea etc. can be easily avoided, but not only this, by smelling its bark, diseases like eye diseases and headache etc. are also cured.

This small fruit and its tree have so many qualities that you will not be able to live without eating it. People of Uttarakhand take the taste of this fruit in their own way and many people also like to take it in spicy taste.



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